What is Google+?

Google+  is a social network that has a major focus in keeping people connected with their social groups, while also keep users well connected to the other aspects of Google that are frequently used (such Mail, Search, etc.)

Why should I use Google+?

Google has developed a network that makes staying involved and close to friends, family, co-workers, etc. very easy. It gives users the power to bring groups of people together from many different locations.

This network can be helpful for developing online groups for CSU student organizations or organizing a business meeting between staff members. Interaction is the driving force behind Google+, and given the community and connectedness of CSU, there are many possibilities still waiting to be discovered here.

How do I use Google+?

Start by creating a general Google account here.

If you already have a Gmail account, you can skip signing up again and go straight to developing your Google + profile. You can either function as an individual or you can create an account and function as a CSU department or organization.

Be sure and review the Google + User Content and Conduct Policy before proceeding with activity.

Organizing Circles

When figuring out what kind of content that you wish to share with people, it is important to determine who the appropriate recipients of your information are. Circles allow users to organize connections in different groups, whom receive varying content at the user’s discretion.

Circles can include groups like friends, co-workers, classmates, and family. Being an associate of CSU, one could organize Circles in a way that reflects their involvement on campus. Circles can be used to share information with those you care most about, exchange ideas with a club or organization, or can be used to provide important updates for business employees and other professional groups.

Leverage Hangouts and Hangouts On Air

An exclusive feature of Google + is the Hangout option. They are an online session in which up to 10 people can interact with each other via video. You will need a reliable microphone and webcam on your computer in order to communicate successfully.

The Hangout capacity can be used in a number of different and can easily fit the need of its users. They can be done from cell phones as well, so communicating with groups of people while on the go is not only possible but encouraged.

Here are a few ways in which you can use Hangouts:

  • Chatting with close friends or family members
  • Holding a club or staff meeting
  • Conducting an art/technology demonstration
  • Working on a group project
  • Having a lecture with small class

There are a number of possibilities when it comes to Hangouts. Just like with Circles, it is best to find a function or purpose for the Hangout that most appropriately fits your needs.

All in One

Given the other services and features of the Google website in general, having a Google + account is just another helpful resource to have among many others. While you are doing research on Google search, or sending messages via Gmail, then you can switch right over to Google + and see what is going with your favorite people. This universal presentation in services is makes communicating with others using Google both easy and convenient.